Florence unchained - the ultimate tour

Posted on June 8th 2021

Renaissance on Steroids - that pretty much sums up Florence, where intoxicating art meets bingeworthy food meets Italian style at its most elegant.

Founded in 59 BC, Florence has been fabulous for over 2000 years, and it is now more lovely than ever - picture the Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi, plates filled with perfectly prepared Bistecca Fiorentina and piles of spaghetti, standing breakfasts Italian-style....now picture all of this without tourists or queuing ....heaven.

And to learn about Florentine history? Hands down the best teachers are Hilde van Bavel and Klaas Tonckens.

Hilde’s private bicycle (or walking) tours are nothing short of a whirlwind odyssey into the Renaissance. She will draw you in with her energy and in-depth knowledge, untangling the Cosimos from the Lorenzos, at the same time showing you the most important spots (Hilde also does brilliant zoom talks on all matters Italian - DM her!).

For those wanting more, Klaas Tonckens will walk you through the city in what can only be described as full immersion into the philosophy of the 15th/16th century, bringing it to life by connecting events to the magical Zeitgeist of the period. Think: fireworks for the brain.

Hilde van Bavel / Klaas Tonckens

Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy

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